Our Story

The Next Gen Network started from a couple young professionals feeling disenfranchised with the typical networking scene and our current state of society. Feeling like we wasted too much time listening to someone else’s sales pitch and lacking purpose in our careers, we decided to throw our own events and invite people we thought would make a great contribution to our networks and society. (Most) of those people continue to support us today (thank you!).

jacqui richard

Based on the North Shore & Boston, this group began as a social experiment and has flourished into a built-in support system for you, your business, and our local community in Massachusetts. We focus on growing our business through connection and corporate social responsibility. Our group is highly collaborative and aims to lead by example; we love to partner with local organizations and other membership-based networking groups to help you maximize your exposure and bridge the obvious age gap and mindset we see in networking.


In the spirit of transparency, we are still experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. One thing is for sure–our group relates on valuing Corporate Social Responsibility as an indicator of success; it is for tolerant people seeking to create a safe space for all walks of life to do business comfortably and successfully. People who value equality + tolerance regardless of gender, race, orientation, citizenship, age, or background are wanted here. 

As we grow, we will have more and more benefits for Next Gen Networkers in the months and years to come. Sign up for our list today.

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