Due to the current COVID-19 emergency happening in Massachusetts, The Next Gen Network is suspending monthly events until further notice.

Volunteer opportunities with Citizens Inn are still available (as a very small group at a distance). There are many additional amazing organizations working hard to provide resources for those in need, this is our time to see how we can support them (safely and responsibly).

If you, your business, or a loved one are directly affected, or you want to help those who are, click here for a list of resources and organizations providing relief, loans, grants, assistance, as well as emergency providers who are looking for help on the Northshore of MA (and beyond).

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The Next Gen Network is designed for socially conscious professionals who want to expand their network through genuine connection, not sales. We believe people do business with individuals they like and trust; that true success comes not only in financial gains, but the ability to make a positive impact in our local + global community.

Join us in paving a path towards equity for future generations and all walks of life.

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