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The Next Gen Network is an inter-generational network of dynamic, socially responsible professionals. 

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Looking to grow your network with quality people?

We're glad you found us. This group exists to encourage introductions, not sales techniques. We're changing the way business is done and creating opportunities for everyone. These days, who wants to hide behind the businesses they represent? For us, we want to hold our heads high as the individuals that we are. Our aim is to build meaningful, collaborative relationships and lead by example in the business community through empowering one another and doing our part to give back. Ultimately, we hope to assist in creating equitable local economies where all walks of life have a chance to succeed.

If you're seeking to:

  • Add purpose and passion to your career
  • Collaborate with other forward thinkers
  • Transition careers or build your business into your full time job
  • Scale your business with qualified candidates
  • Give back to the community / find your community
  • Support a purpose-driven membership organization
  • Feel like you're living more in line with your values

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