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I’m Rebecca Ingalls, an herbalist and therapist on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy meeting others interested in herbalism and also exploring a fulfilling life-style in sync with nature. I do a lot of this work from my cottage on Canal Street in Salem, Massachusetts, where folks find a teaching space as well as the Palmer Pond Botanicals herb shop and can sample and purchase plant-based creations based on essential and practical living arts. I am a down-to-earth educator who is willing to work along side folks who wish to cultivate a healthy, experiential approach to herbalism as part of an age old, practical matter of living on this earth.

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I grew up in San Francisco, CA in the early 60’s and in 1968-69 lived off-the-grid in the hills of Northern California with my parents and siblings. It was my time out amongst the Redwoods that I developed a deep and abiding love of trees and the green world. In the 1980s I was a young mother on the island of Marthas Vineyard married to a fisherman and Forest ranger, raising two children in sync with nature as much as possible. By the late 1980s, I was divorced and a single mom and, in 1992, I was remarried and running a busy North Shore restaurant alongside my current husband, John, who is a fantastic chef. About 20 years ago, I made a life-pivot and pursued a private therapy practice in Swampscott, MA. In 2012 I founded Palmer Pond Botanicals, an online herbal resource, and in 2015 brought both my therapy practice and herbal apothecary to its current location, an adorable cottage, at 250 Canal Street in Salem.

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to be continued…

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Rebecca Ingalls

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