Anna Finkelstein of A Fine Balance Wellness

Tell us about what you do for business.

I have the honor of sharing A Fine Balance Wellness with the community. AFBW is a place that was created with the intent of sharing various holistic modalities along with spiritual teachings which can support individuals on their journeys and facilitate Healing, Well being, and Community.

Everyone’s got a story. Tell us about you (What’s your background? How did you get here? Where are you hopefully heading?).

I would say the following is true and accurate: I am a person who believes anything is possible, and someone dedicated to being of service to the Community….. Over the years of in my own personal journey, I developed an interest which grew quickly into a love for the healing arts, and deep belief in the power of positive mindset. Drawing from trainings I have taken in Yoga, Energy + Crystal Healing, Trauma Informed Care, and Spiritual and Esoteric Teachings, I have woven together a set of tools for self healing, stress management, and a healthy life-Mind, Body and Spirit.

Starting A Fine Balance in 2016 I began working both privately with individuals as well as within the community, creating Wellness Programs that are still currently offered with various Businesses and Social Service Based Agencies. In 2019, myself and my husband opened “A Fine Balance Wellness” in Peabody Massachusetts. AFBW is a Wellness Studio dedicated to serving the community and making available to all a place to come, learn, grow, transform, find wellness, inner peace and true happiness.


What motivates you (causes; any advocacy/activism/initiatives you’re working on, long-term goals, etc.)?

Inner Peace, Nature, Joy, and Connection

Why are you joining The Next Gen Network?

Because I cannot think of anyone else I would rather grow, travel alongside, learn from and link arms with.


Anna Finkelstein

Professional title:

Intuitive Wellness Coach/Energy Healer/Yoga Teacher

Name of Business:

A Fine Balance Wellness

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