Help Us Build a Tiny House

It’s finally happening… our director, Jacqui, will be working with a local builder, Nathan Gray, and non-profit, House Factory to build a tiny house.

The build will take place this spring on a farm in Beverly, MA through the non-profit, House Factory. The main objective of living in a tiny house is to be able to drastically cut her cost of living so she can pursue building The Next Gen Network and Riveting Broads full time. We’ve got big plans for us all and look forward to the opportunity for growth.

  • This will be a hands on project—we need your help! If you’re looking to get involved in building tiny houses with an amazing non-profit, learning more crafting/building skills, want to be part of a fun, community project, or have materials to donate, please sign up for our email list on this page.
  • We’ll be looking for as many reclaimed/donated materials as possible. If you have goods/services you’re looking to raise awareness of, we’ll be recording every step of the process and promoting anyone who’s contributing through multiple channels.
  • Please consider helping out so Jacqui can pursue her passions of community organizing and podcasting full time, as well as demonstrate a major solution to our major housing problem in Massachusetts ❣️
  • Things we’re looking for immediate help with:
    – 20′ – 22′ tiny house trailer
    – electricians familiar with solar
    – plumbers who are open to learning about tiny houses
    – volunteers for the build
    – donated scraps/materials

Learn more about our builder, Nathan Gray Here.

Learn more about his non-profit, House Factory here.

Join our group to take a furniture building class here.

Let us know how you'd like to get involved.
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