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Be part of something bigger than yourself. Meet other professionals of like mind.

Building a business, a book of business, or looking for trusted referral partners? Us too. We're a group made up of mostly "young professionals," but age doesn't matter. We encourage introductions, not sales techniques, and believe in doing our part to give back when we can. Our members sign a pledge to demonstrate that success not only comes in financial gains, but an ability and responsibility to make a positive impact in the community. Other dynamic, forward thinking individuals who share a similar desire are wanted here. Come join us and network in a more laid back atmosphere.

Coffee is always free to attend. inFormal socials are free for members; $10 for non members (1st two are FREE).


The Next Gen Network Membership is OFFICIALLY available! Sign up before August 23rd to join our FIRST member only event in September.

Member Perks:

  • Listing + your own profile page on our member directory
  • Valuable discounts from other members + community partners
  • Your own member page + interview linked on our directory
  • Introductions + connections to our network and beyond
  • Group volunteer + community service opportunities
  • Joint socials with other membership-based groups
  • 2+ free networking events/month
  • 4 member-only events/year
  • Private Facebook group

AMAZING Member Discounts

With The Next Gen Network:

  • We're known for our socially responsible mindset and laid-back approach to professional networking.
  • Our emphasis is on relationship building.
  • You can leave your sales techniques at home and be your wonderful, authentic self.
  • Build relationships through volunteering and community outreach.
  • We don't do elevator pitches, we make introductions.
  • Be among like-minded, dynamic thinkers who focus on bringing good to the world.
  • Help yourself and each other when the opportunity arises.
  • We believe in tolerance + equality for all; providing fair opportunities for anyone to succeed regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, age, or background.

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