Membership with The Next Gen Network

Meet other professionals of like mind. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

Why The Next Gen Network?

Building a business and looking for trusted collaborative partners who you like and relate to? We are. Do you need support? We all do.

We started this group to encourage introductions, not sales techniques. We aim to lead by example in the business community by empowering one another doing our part to give back. Feeling like you want to live more in line with your values? Us too. Join other dynamic, forward thinking individuals in The Next Gen Network.


Our long term vision and goal is to empower our networks and change how business is done; to encourage more collaborations, community service and involvement from the business community, strengthen our local economy, build respectful relationships, and ultimately, create a mentor program to provide opportunity and help future generations succeed in an equitable environment. 

Who We Are

We’re not just a business network, we’re an inter-generational community of like minds and by joining, you’re part of it. Most of us are working on building our own businesses, organizations, and movements. We want to collaborate and support you. With The Next Gen Network, we’re not just professionals, we’re advocates for a better society.

Individual Membership Options

Our membership is by individual, not organization. In a partnership? We have options for that too.

Why Is Membership By Individual?

Because we believe separating ‘business’ from who we are personally has created some unwanted ripples in society. If you’re here because you’re amazing and building on something, want to know who YOU are!

For larger organizations wanting multiple memberships, contact us for group rates. 

On the fence?

Contact us. Let’s talk. If we’re not the right fit for you, we probably know who is. Is money super tight? Let us know how we can support you, judgement free. Shoot us a message here.