What do you do for business? What sets you apart professionally (approach, personality, branding, etc.)?

As an expert in organization change management (helping people go through change) in a wide variety of corporations, I am building my brand with 3 pillars: Retaining Talent, Meeting in the Middle with the Generations to Increase Productivity, and Raising the Bar on Management

General location of your business + network:

North Shore

Who/what/when is a great referral for you?:

A small to medium business who is having trouble attracting and retaining talent. You are at the point where you have succeeded in getting the product out the door, making money, and moving to the next level. With my consulting help you can focus on your people, retention, productivity, and your brand and reputation in the marketplace regarding how you take care of your people. Do you use the words “people come first”, but lack substance and dedication to your people. I can help you establish a positive people brand so people want to work with you and be part of your company.

How do you want to grow your business?:

New connections in the business community; Give back to my local community

Why are you joining The Next Gen Network?:

To get my company and name out there and to meet new people. I am also interested in giving back to the community.

Everyone’s got a story to tell. What’s your background? How did you get here?:

I have a background in psychology and technology and I married to two when I specialized in organization change management. People spend more than half of their waking time in businesses, and I believe it should be an enhancing and positive experience. I have been a member of high performing teams and I believe that businesses can thrive if they create the right conditions for people to be included, cared for, and respected.

What causes are near and dear to your heart? Any initiatives you’re working on? Passions and hobbies that you enjoy in your spare time?

Esperanza in Lawrence is a school for disadvantaged girls ages 11 to 17. They have a wonderful program and most of the graduates go onto college.


Lesley Tracy

Professional title:

Senior Consultant

Name of your business:

Changing Behaviors Consulting

Website URL:


Best way to reach you:

Email; Text

Do you use social media to promote yourself?:

Not yet