Jessica Morello of Edward Jones

What do you do for business? What sets you apart professionally (approach, personality, branding, etc.)?:

As an Edward Jones financial adviser part of my established process is to partner with you long term in order to achieve what´s most important to you. We have a unique approach to caring for your financial future and we welcome the opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on where you are at today and what specific actions can be taken now to put you on track to achieving your personal financial goals, whether it be to live independently and with dignity in retirement, savings for education or being prepared for the unexpected.

We also take a holistic approach and want to make sure what you work hard to accomplish is protected and working in your best interest by partnering with your attorney, accountant and other trusted professionals to deliver a comprehensive strategy that leverages everyone’s expertise.

General location of your business + network:

Lynnfield, MA , North Andover, MA and wherever I make connections throughout Massachusetts

Who/what/when is a great referral for you?:

An ideal client is a serious, long term investor who is looking for a partner that will work on their behalf for the rest of their life. Either someone interested in planning for retirement, a life transition or a specific event in which they are looking for guidance and willing to share what it is they are hoping to accomplish and interested in personalized strategies and a relationship with the person who would like to make sure they do not need to work forever!

How do you want to grow your business?:

New connections in the business community; Give back to my local community

Why are you joining The Next Gen Network?:

I am joining the Next Gen Network in order to build genuine relationships with like minded professionals and have a positive impact on our communities. I’ve networked quite a bit and find the mission and approach through Next Gen appealing based on its value of working with those we know and trust along with valuing being a socially responsible professional.

Everyone’s got a story to tell. What’s your background? How did you get here?:

I’m a Jewish Cuban (Jewban), first generation, who moved from Florida to Massachusetts within one month of deciding to do so after college. Although I studied Finance I’ve discovered my passion is people, connecting with them & being of service to them in some way so I have always sought out ways to give back with my time, while also building my career. I’ve worked within the Financial Planning & Analysis space for over 10 years as an analyst and manager across various industries. The top three being professional services, manufacturing & non-profits. I transitioned to business development three years ago and found it more conducive to my genuine interest in learning about others & their business. Now as a financial advisor I can continue to learn about others, build deep relationships and help them achieve what´s most important to them while also leveraging my financial planning background.

What causes are near and dear to your heart? Any initiatives you’re working on? Passions and hobbies that you enjoy in your spare time? Feel free to use a one word answer, or elaborate/educate us.:

I am involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and am passionate about giving back to the community in various service capacities, whether it be fundraising, pro bono consulting/budgeting support and helping to facilitate needs of smaller non-profits (hiring & promoting events). I am new to the area I am in now, (moved about 1 year ago) and am looking forward to transitioning support to opportunities within my local community.

Anything else you want people to know?:

Toni Morrison said, ¨You are not the work you do, you are the person you are¨. I believe being our most authentic selves resonates with others in the work we do and how we live our lives. I used to think work and life were two different parts of ourselves, that each had to be managed and now see it really is one life we are all trying to navigate and keep balanced as best as possible. Successes and set backs ebb and flow and that is part of the journey.

Professional title:

Financial Advisor

Name of your business:

Edward Jones

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