Jay Forrester of Northeast Equipment Leasing

Tell us about what you do for business.

Let me help you grow your business! Providing leasing on a wide variety of business equipment (new and used) from the vendors of your choice. You source the needed business equipment and I provide a Lease for it in 48-hours or less. Don’t put off investing in needed equipment, that will increase your productivity and revenue.

Everyone’s got a story. Tell us about you.

I live in Newburyport, proud father of two awesome sons, Dylan and Jack. Love mountain biking, golf, photography, and renewable energy technology.

What motivates you?

Currently pursuing initiative to promote Net-zero modular homes and increasing affordable housing inventory.

Why are you joining The Next Gen Network?

Great networking with a very positive vibe.


Jay Forrester

Name of Business:

Northeast Equipment Leasing

Professional title:

Leasing Advisor


Financial Services

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