We are here to build connections, break boundaries, and support the next generation.

We're a professional organization curating a network of open-minded, dynamic individuals on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

The Next Gen Network is designed for socially responsible professionals who want to expand their business networks through genuine connection and making a positive impact in the community. We have multiple monthly meetups and volunteer opportunities. Our attendees come because they seek introductions over sales and support all walks of life. With The Next Gen Network, please leave your sales pitch at home. We want to know who you are.


Want to give back to the community?

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Grow your business with purpose.

With The Next Gen Network:

  • We're known for our socially responsible mindset and laid-back approach to professional networking.
  • Our emphasis is on relationship building.
  • You can leave your sales techniques at home and be your wonderful, authentic self.
  • Build relationships through volunteering and community outreach.
  • We don't do elevator pitches, we make introductions.
  • Be among like-minded, dynamic thinkers who focus on bringing good to the world.
  • Help yourself and each other when the opportunity arises.
  • We believe in tolerance + equality for all; providing fair opportunities for anyone to succeed regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, age, or background.

Looking for Professional Support?

You're not alone. Whether you're starting out, transitioning careers, looking for a greater purpose, or a go-getter seeking all of the above, our group serves to be a platform for your business. We're forward-thinking professionals growing our business networks through connection and community involvement, together.

This group was started by Young Professionals north of Boston, MA in Peabody, Danvers, Beverly, Salem, Wakefield, Newburyport, and beyond. We aim to bridge the gap commonly seen between xennials, millennials, gen z, and business owners of the baby boomer generation. No strict age limits here though - ultimately, we support our local community; the citizens, young professionals, soon-to-be-graduates, established organizations; individuals of all ages from Massachusetts and beyond are welcome to join + support The Next Generation.

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Welcome to The Next Gen Network!

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This group exists solely because of donations and sponsorship. We depend on our successful allies to support our efforts. Want to pay it forward and help The Next Generation? Talk to us about sponsorship options today.